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How to teach, train and present online

Today’s world means that a successful fitness professional is working in a hybrid of ‘live’ and ‘online’ environment to meet the needs of their clients and participants. As a result, there has been an increased demand for online fitness education and training. canfitpro has teamed up with international fitness industry experts to create The Online Fitness Professional Course which gives students the skills, tools and practical tips to teach, train and present online.

Learn from specialists who have built their online business successfully and are positively impacting the lives of their clients. Topics include how to get started (from insurance to tech), how to teach fitness classes, personal train and market yourself, and your brand online. Learn from industry legends such as Mike Lipkin, Sara Fennel, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, Lisa Mastracchio, canfitpro’s Fitness Professional of the Year, Sue Staresinic and more! Get the education you need to join them online!

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With much change comes much opportunity and these times are a lesson in resilience. Dr. Daniel Amen - psychologist and best-selling author, maintains that gathering information and building up knowledge is a crucial part of boosting resilience. He says that "what you do not know has power over you", whereas knowledge brings you choices and control. Lean into learning so you can step out of fear of the unknown and into informed action. In other words, just do the damn course - eh!

Global Fitness Authority

Hello! My name is Eric. I’m from Mexico and I took PTS course online with Trevor Pickett. I wanted to say that it was an amazing experience to take this course with him. I learned a lot and I think he is a great teacher.
Personally, I would like to emphasize that Trevor made the course fun and understandable for everybody, even in my case where English is my second language. I was really worried about taking a course online, especially in another language with a lot technical definitions, but as I said before Trevor helped a lot. I’m really glad that I chose him as my PRO TRAINER. Finally, I would like to thank canfitpro and especially Trevor. Taking this course is a big step closer towards my fitness goals and becoming a Personal Trainer.

Personal Trainer Certification Course Participant

The fitness industry is just coming out of its infancy stage as a profession and is now changing faster than ever. To progress in any facet of life one must open their arms and minds to change. Online coaching is one of the changes trainers and fitness professionals need to have to be relevant, competitive and sustainable in this industry.

Goodlife Fitness Level 7 Trainer
STW Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapist
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Become an Online Fitness Professional - Teach, Train and Present Online

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to successfully adopt a dependable online platform to co-exist with your present career
  • Discover how to train clients and groups online
  • Determine how to best communicate with your clients/audience based on their online persona and create ultimate customer satisfaction
  • Advance your business, marketing and technological skills
  • Develop confidence & charisma while creating engaging, inspiring and motivating presentations

The Online Fitness Professional Course will be a vital asset to your career!
This course is online and includes 4 PTS/FIS/HWL CECs.