Eat-Clean for Wellness



We are excited to announce our next canfitpro collaboration with none-other than the ‘Eat-Clean Queen’ Tosca Reno, in the creation of Eat-Clean for Wellness!

Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean for Wellness course powered by canfitpro, will provide you with a proven approach to a healthy, clean eating lifestyle that will give you the edge in supporting your immune system. With increasing disease states, it is necessary that we learn both what to eat and what to avoid eating in the food landscape that exists today. Once we know this, we can empower ourselves to introduce the essential nutrients that supercharge the immune system, which will help us to fight disease. Take back your health by proactively providing your body with needed nutrients and enjoy robust health once again.


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Modules Available

  • Eat-Clean and Cancer
  • Eat-Clean and Anti-Aging
  • Eat-Clean and Sex

Topics Include:

  • The Definition of Aging – more complex than you think
  • Cell Senescence
  • The Seven Causes of Aging
  • The Role of Nutrition – poor eating and clean eating
  • The Nutrients Essential for Anti-Aging diet
  • The Role of Exercise
  • Caloric Restriction
  • The relationship between overall health and sexual function
  • Why prolonged malnutrition leads to waning sex life
  • How to nourish yourself to better sex
  • The seven Day Libido Boosting Challenge

Each Module Includes:

  • 45 min Webinar
  • Featured recipe
  • Take it back to your kitchen

4 PTS 4 FIS 4 HWL CECs upon completion

This is an online program.

Please note this course contains adult content.

Member Rate Non-Member Rate
$109 + applicable tax $129 + applicable tax

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