Understanding a Fit Pregnancy

This course provides you with the tools necessary to prepare your clients and participants not only for birth, but also for recovery afterwards.

fitness pregnancy


We know that exercise during pregnancy is generally good for both the mother and baby. However, until you have a client, class member, or yourself, pregnant, you may not be prepared to work with them safely. This program will take you through the common concerns, safe screening, and the best exercises to do when pregnant so that you can safely work with this population.

While there are many myths around training while pregnant, the fact of the matter is that regular exercise while pregnant can reduce the number of complications during and after pregnancy, including post-partum depression, hypertensive disorders, gestational diabetes, emergency operative deliveries, and more (according to the 2019 Canadian Guideline for Physical Activity Throughout Pregnancy).


  • Debunking myths around pregnancy and exercise
  • The goal of Pregnancy Training
  • Structure and muscles of the abdomen, spine and Pelvis
  • Changes that occur in each of the four trimesters
  • Nutrition while Expecting
  • Screening for Exercise
  • Addressing the Common Concerns of each trimester with exercise
  • Best Coaching Practices

4 FIS 4 PTS 4 HWL CECs upon completion.
This is an online program.


This Course Includes:

In-depth intake process to help start an open dialogue

Specific recipes and nutritional recommendations to help curb some of the most common pregnancy complaints

Practical recommendations for exercising while pregnant

Hours of pre-recorded video lectures and exercise demonstrations


  1. Nicky Coyne, Master PRO TRAINER, Presenter
  2. Tracie Smith-Beyak, International Presenter, Fitness Columnist & Author, Personal Trainer, & Award-Winning Entrepreneur
  3. Allison Tannis, RHN, Bsc, MSc in Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods.
  4. Kim Vopni, Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Consultant, a Certified Fitness For Fertility Specialist, a Certified Pfilates Instructor and is trained in the Hypopressive Method.
  5. Darren Warburton, PhD, Full Professor, Director, Cardiovascular Physiology and Rehabilitation Laboratory, Physical Activity Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Unit, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, CANADA.
fitness pregnancy


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