Health & Fitness Trends 2024

Health & Fitness Trends 2024

The canfitpro Health & Fitness Trends 2023 survey, conducted among the fitness professional community, provides powerful insight into what Canadians are seeking to incorporate in their fitness programming as they look to continue creating more balance in their lifestyle, including active aging, mental health and stress management programming in 2024.

Fitness Horizons: Unveiling the Health & Fitness Trends Report 2024

Step into the future of fitness with our annual Health & Fitness Trends Report, featured in January/February issue of canfitpro Magazine.

This special canfitpro issue serves as a comprehensive guide, offering insights into the latest projections for the Top 10 Health & Fitness trends in Canada. It delves into the main trends within three primary disciplines: Group Fitness, Nutrition, and Personal Training. The valuable information and data presented herein are indispensable tools for fitness professionals, owners, and operators seeking to make strategic business decisions, guiding them in allocating resources and fostering professional development. By dissecting trends across these key disciplines, this data enables a subtle understanding of emerging themes, facilitating a holistic perspective on the evolving landscape of health and fitness.

Get ready to embrace the trends shaping the future of fitness!


Keeping a Pulse on Our Fitness Community

The canfitpro Health & Fitness Trends Survey, conducted from October 23rd to November 3rd, invited over 65,000
Fitness Professionals and Business owners nationwide through email outreach and social media promotion.

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