Children's Fitness Coach

Learn how to lead children aged 7-12 through engaging fitness programs while coaching them to be active for life

children fitness coach

We all know physical activity and exercise can deeply impact long term health. As fitness professionals, we have an important role in supporting children in our communities in staying active, while helping their physical, mental, social, and emotional development.

Learn about the foundations of children’s fitness program design, different modalities you can teach, gain access to lesson plans and learn how to launch a business offering classes to children ages 7-12.


  • An in depth look into the child developmental process (i.e., physical, emotional, social, and mental maturity)
  • Framework for program design, and sample lesson plans for various types of fitness classes for children, including strength training and family fitness
  • Practical skills needed to implement and lead a safe, engaging, and effective children’s fitness program


  • Break common myths surrounding children’s fitness
  • Differentiate how children respond to exercise versus adults
  • Understand the early motor development in children and how it relates to program design
  • Provide appropriate guidelines for strength and cardiovascular training within this unique population
  • Receive practical lesson plans and tools to help in developing fitness programs for children
  • Develop a specialized approach to exercise and activity for children
  • Access business planning process and information so you can start making money while making a difference in the lives of kids

4 FIS 4 PTS 4 HWL CECs upon completion.
This is an online program.

children fitness


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online course $159 $199