Active Aging Certificate

This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively provide physical activity in many settings to this unique population.

fitness with aged people
Take 25% off to get you ready for the reopening of the fitness industry. Use code REOPEN2021 at check-out!
Take 25% off to get you ready for the reopening of the fitness industry. Use code REOPEN2021 at check-out!

Aging & Health

The launch of our Active Aging Certificate program (AAC) is in response to the statistics highlighting that the over 50’s are making up the fastest-growing age group in Canada. With this trend expected to continue for the next several decades, we realize that response to exercise is not age-dependent, it’s mind-dependent. This means that at any age or fitness level someone can respond positively to exercise and nutrition and gain benefits. Our new Active Aging Certification Certificate will cover a wide variety of topics related to aging and the very broad spectrum of clients/class participants.


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  • Definition and Physiology of Aging
    Janice Hutton/Nicky Coyne
  • Eating Essentials for Vibrant, Active Aging
    Teri Gentes
  • Managing Age related Changes/Conditions with Exercise
    Maureen Hagan
  • Is Low Back Pain Inevitable?
    Mia Jerritt
  • Active Aging Tips & Tricks – Rapport & Coaching
    Lawrence Biscontini & Bernadette O’Brien
  • Screening with the PARQ
    Darren Warburton
  • Top Exercises for Older Adults
    Rod Macdonald
  • Understanding the Market
    Rod Macdonald



  • Learn how to work with this diverse group
  • Provide appropriate modifications for your clients/participants
  • Incorporate Neuroplasticity into your client’s/participant’s workouts
  • Identify a pyramid of training priorities to assist fitness professionals in program design
  • Gain knowledge of the new PAR-Q+ and the ePARmed-X+ pre-participation self-screening and risk stratification strategy
  • Receive education on aging and dietary approaches, common nutrient deficiencies, digestion challenges and alkalinity and inflammation

4 FIS 4 PTS 4 HWL CECs upon completion.
This is an online program.

fitness with aged people


Member Rate Non-Member Rate
online course $129 $159