Active Aging Certificate

This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively provide physical activity in many settings to this unique population.

fitness with aged people

Aging & Health

The launch of our Active Aging Certificate program (AAC) is in response to the statistics highlighting that the over 50’s are making up the fastest-growing age group in Canada. With this trend expected to continue for the next several decades, we realize that response to exercise is not age-dependent, it’s mind-dependent. This means that at any age or fitness level someone can respond positively to exercise and nutrition and gain benefits. Our new Active Aging Certification Certificate will cover a wide variety of topics related to aging and the very broad spectrum of clients/class participants.



  • Definition and Physiology of Aging
    Janice Hutton/Nicky Coyne
  • Eating Essentials for Vibrant, Active Aging
    Teri Gentes
  • Managing Age related Changes/Conditions with Exercise
    Maureen Hagan
  • Is Low Back Pain Inevitable?
    Mia Jerritt
  • Active Aging Tips & Tricks – Rapport & Coaching
    Lawrence Biscontini & Bernadette O’Brien
  • Screening with the PARQ
    Darren Warburton
  • Top Exercises for Older Adults
    Rod Macdonald
  • Understanding the Market
    Rod Macdonald



  • Learn how to work with this diverse group
  • Provide appropriate modifications for your clients/participants
  • Incorporate Neuroplasticity into your client’s/participant’s workouts
  • Identify a pyramid of training priorities to assist fitness professionals in program design
  • Gain knowledge of the new PAR-Q+ and the ePARmed-X+ pre-participation self-screening and risk stratification strategy
  • Receive education on aging and dietary approaches, common nutrient deficiencies, digestion challenges and alkalinity and inflammation

4 FIS 4 PTS 4 HWL CECs upon completion.
This is an online program.

fitness with aged people


Member Rate Non-Member Rate
online course $159 $199