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What do we tell our clients every day? That fitness is a journey. So is the development of any professional trainer. Add powerful courses to your arsenal.

Hello! My name is Eric. I’m from Mexico and I took PTS course online with Trevor Pickett. I wanted to say that it was an amazing experience to take this course with him. I learned a lot and I think he is a great teacher.
Personally, I would like to emphasize that Trevor made the course fun and understandable for everybody, even in my case where English is my second language. I was really worried about taking a course online, especially in another language with a lot technical definitions, but as I said before Trevor helped a lot. I’m really glad that I chose him as my PRO TRAINER. Finally, I would like to thank canfitpro and especially Trevor. Taking this course is a big step closer towards my fitness goals and becoming a Personal Trainer.


There are so many amazing women in the industry and being able to connect with them is always an honour. As someone who has communicated on behalf of the fitness industry for the last nine years, is a professional classical East Indian dancer, and a doctoral student researching the effects of exercise on academic outcomes, attending the Women Who Influence event means having the opportunity to learn from a group of diverse women who are passionate and devoted to health and wellness.

Trisha Sarker
FICDN (Fitness Industry Council of Canada)

Next year, I'm bringing my "Tribe", so make room, as it was an incredible feeling sitting in that room, just feeling everyone's energy and listening to the incredible journey and strengthening moments of all you speakers! Thank you for letting us into your personal world and allowing us to understand... We all have those moments, and a how our "super power" will strengthen us!

Kim Bond

I just finished taking the "Understanding a Fit Pregnancy" course and upon completion have already recommended the course!. It provides all necessary information to help clients feel safe while continuing at their own comfort levels as their bodies change. I obviously want my participants to feel safe comfortable, and after completing this course I myself now also feel more comfortable on all levels working with pregnant participants. Every pregnancy is different, all symptoms may be different and it is so important to know what is going on with your clients in order to properly be able to assist with their fitness and health goals and help ease any worries they may have.


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