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Fitness Professional of the Year


Nominations are closed for 2018.

The winners will be announced during
the Closing Ceremonies at World Fitness Expo

Do you or anyone you know have what it takes to be one of our recipients?

Winners will receive:
  • Cash Prize
  • Opportunities to Present at an event (includes a complimentary event registration)
  • Complimentary canfitpro certification package
  • Reebok swag
  • Winner featured on canfitpro Magazine Cover along with their Member Spotlight
  • Coaching session with a canfitpro executive to develop your brand and business

*Clicking "Nominate Someone You Know!" will send an automatic email to that person with your recommendation they nominate themselves. They must still complete the nomination process to be eligible. Only one nomination application per person.*

The Fitness Professional of the Year Awards recognize a canfitpro certified and practicing professional member who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, motivation, and technical skills and have inspired clients to achieve their goals.

Nominee must be a canfitpro Professional member in good standing (membership status must be current). Also nominee must be a practicing fitness professional and canfitpro certified in the designation of the nomination.

While we appreciate that some of our certified professionals do both, we limit the award to one category.

If you need additional information, please contact 416-493-3515 or 1-800-667-5622 ext 277.

2017 Winner

Congratulations to...
Sangil Jo
winner of the 2017 Personal Trainer Specialist of the Year Award

Dione Mason

winner of the 2017 Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year Award

A few words from Sangil Jo

Being recognized as this year's canfitpro Personal Trainer is one of my greatest experiences and truly an honour. Having spent most of my adult life in the fitness industry, it is really important to give back and to motivate the next generation of fitness professionals. As a newcomer to Canada at 24 years of age and starting fro ground zero, I understand the challenges and effort that is required to succeed in this revolutionary industry. Additionally, this award provides a great opportunity to reach more people of diverse backgrounds, regardless of gender or ethnicity, like myself, with hard work, everyone can achieve a good quality of life by living well, healthy and fit. Everything is possible when you are fully committed to your goals, dreams have a way of coming true!

A few words from Dione Mason

I am blessed to have a career where I get to inspire people each day to make positive lifestyle changes by investing in their health and wellness. In my 15 year career in fitness, I have worked very hard and faced many challenges where I was tempted to give up.

However, receiving the canfitpro Fitness Professional of the Year was not only humbling, but fulfilled a belief I hold dear- when we dedicate our lives in service to others and strive to authentically life others up, it will result in our own upliftment. I'm living proof that working hard, having the courage to never compromise on your integrity and remaining true to yourself will work out in the long run.

Thank you to canfitpro for choosing me for this award. I am excited and grateful to have received this gift with so many more doors and opportunities have opened as a result.

2016 Winner

Congratulations to ....

Nadine Vandenheuvel
winner of the 2016 Personal Training Specialist of the Year Award

Trina Medves
winner of the 2016 Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year Award

Both of our award winners demonstrate all the qualities of a well rounded Fitness Professional. They are coaches, mentors, motivational speakers, and role models. They bring their unique styles to their clients and participants to help inspire and motivate them to live their best quality of life. They live to their true potentials and contribute to their communities to help change lives, one at a time.

A few words from Nadine Vandenheuvel

"To be nationally recognized in my profession is an honour and it will inspire me to continue to live my passion to the fullest. A lot of late nights, early mornings, sweat and tears went into where I am today and it feels great to achieve this award amongst so many tremendous fitness pros. Every day I am awarded with clients that come up to me and let me know how much my program has changed their life which is amazing so if this award can help me reach and change more lives for the better then I cannot wait to see what the future has in store!

A few words from Trina Medves

"Winning the #1 Top Fitness Professional of the year 2016 award (Fitness Instructor Specialist), is the highest honour. It proves that perseverance, hard work, dedication, and going above and beyond was recognized by my peers and canfitpro. Never settle for less, give back and continue to learn and improve yourself every day that you are breathing.

"Above and beyond" is one of my business mantra's. I strive for excellence and this gives me the motivation to continue to go above and beyond for both my Fit4Females Members and my Community! It also gives me a new platform to educate total fitness, nutrition and wellness from the inside out."

2016 finalists for Personal Training Specialist of the Year

2016 finalists for
Fitness Instructor of the Year

2015 Winner

Fitness Professional of the
Year Award 2015

Left to right: Rod Macdonald, Russell Coltess, Maureen Hagan, Sandi Knox, Ray Ortiz, Nathalie Lacombe, David "Patch" Patchell-Evans.

Congratulations to ....

Ray Ortiz
winner of the 2015 Personal Training Specialist of the Year Award

Sandi Knox
winner of the 2015 Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year Award

Both of our award winners demonstrate all the qualities of a well rounded Fitness Professional. They are coaches, mentors, motivational speakers, and role models. They bring their unique styles to their clients and participants to help inspire and motivate them to live their best quality of life. They live to their true potentials and contribute to their communities to help change lives, one at a time.

A few words from Ray Ortiz

Being this year's canfitpro Personal Trainer of the Year is truly an honour. After a decade in the fitness industry, it definitely feels great to be recognized, because as most trainers know, if you've been in it for this long it certainly comes with a lot of ups and downs.

With that being said, the only thing that makes it worth it is the positive impact we are able to make on people's lives on a daily basis. The relationships we are able to build with our clients can last a lifetime.

The greatest thing about this award would be the ability to reach more people than ever before and help change their lives through health and fitness.

A few words from Sandi Knox

It has been a dream come true to win the canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year 2015. Attending the world fitness expo in Toronto with 16,000 other trainers was an amazing event. The power of so many influential instructors and trainers in one place was overwhelming. This experience has been life changing and has fuelled me to reach even higher and set more goals. I am now presenting at conferences and will be teaching fitness courses in the near future. I have been inspired to now write a book on my experiences as a trainer over the years. Thank you canfitpro for all the amazing programs you offer and for having these awards as it really pushes us as trainers to go above and beyond what we would normally do in our communities, for ourselves and for our clients. We are all in this together" Sandi Knox - canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year 2015.

2015 Personal Training Specialist of the Year Finalists

Michelle Soares and Laura Jackson

2015 Fitness Instructor of the Year Finalists

Trina Medves and Elaine Fitzgerald-Muise

2014 Winner

Congratulations to Michelle Soares!Winner of the 2014 Fitness Professional of the Year Award!

Left to Right: Rod MacDonald, Carl Savard, Michelle Soares, Nathalie Lacombe, Maureen Hagan, and David "Patch" Patchell-Evans

Michelle demonstrates all the qualities of a well-rounded Fitness Professional. She is not just a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, but she is also a coach, mentor, motivational speaker, teacher, and role-model. Like many who start their fitness journey, Michelle's passion began with setting her own personal goals to be fit and healthy. Now she shares her unique burst of energy and excitement for fitness and wellness with her clients and class participants weekly.

Michelle's approach to fitness is helping people change the way they see themselves holistically from the inside-out and extending fitness beyond the clubs, bringing it to the streets and local communities through her dedicated support to charities and institutions, promoting health and fitness education to everyone.

The journey continues for Michelle as the owner of Complete Active Living.

Michelle's #1 goal is for people of all ages to feel empowered, inspired and motivated to become the best they can be. After going through her own fitness transformation, Michelle knows the power fitness has to change one's lifestyle and she uses her journey to continually grow and evolve and bring forth a legendary experience to not only transform your body but to also work on deeper levels to transform your life. She believes it's more than fitness. She believes it's also finding meaning and purpose to life. It's a second chance of living it up to your true potential, having the best body ever and connecting all levels of self to live a happy, abundant, joyful and meaningful life. (taken from completeactiveliving.com/get-to-know-michelle.html)

A FEW WORDS FROM Michelle Soares...

Words cannot express the overwhelming gratitude I have for winning the Fitness Professional of the Year award. It is truly an honour to be recognized for my hard work, commitment and dedication to making a difference in people's lives. When I started my fitness journey, I never would have thought that this leap of faith forward would one day reward me with this prestigious yet humbling award. I got a chance to meet Carl Savard, Rod Macdonald, Patch, the other two finalists (Carol and Joseph), and everyone at the canfitpro head office up close and personal. It was truly a wonderful experience that will be forever cherished in my heart!

Having been chosen by canfitpro as the 2014 Fitness Professional of the Year has helped me to believe in myself more now than ever before, and will move me forward with greater confidence to continue helping people reach profound levels of transformation. Thank you canfitpro for making this possible and for helping personal trainers like me accomplish our big dreams. You have given me a tremendous amount of support, knowledge, and guidance with everything you offer to become who I am today. You have given me a voice in this industry, the ability to make my dream a reality, and the strength to follow my heart. Because of this guidance, I have been able to help others in ways that I never thought were possible.

It is truly a great privilege to be a part of such an AMAZING organization that touches the lives of so many people, and provides them with continuous support, guidance, as well as encouragement to become the best versions of themselves. This is only the beginning of GREAT things. THANK YOU CANFITPRO for being the best of the best. I look forward to seeing everyone next year :D

- Michelle

2014 Fitness Professional of the Year Finalists

Carol Phillips

Joseph Rios

2013 Winner

Congratulations to Dave Smith! Winner of the 2013 Fitness Professional of the Year Award!

Subway ambassador, Carl Savard (left) and Dave Smith (right)

Dave's passion for fitness and innovation is what sets him apart. Oftentimes society's love of technology gets a bad rap for being a cause of sedentary lifestyles . Dave ignores this perspective and instead looks for ways to use technology to keep people connected, motivated, and inspired.

He has created a worldwide online community called Make Your Body Work. Dave noticed that many of his clients were falling out of shape during summer months filled with travelling and lacking any exercise routine. As a solution Dave developed an online community in which he would lead workouts that members could follow from anywhere. Members also encourage one another to keep each other motivated and moving forward.

Dave joined canfitpro in 2001 and has been working as a personal trainer ever since. Before becoming a Personal Training Specialist Dave completed three post-secondary degrees. He earned his Business degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, then studied Human Physiology at Pensacola Christian College, and finally went to the University of Western Ontario where he earned his Bachelor's of Education.

Dave embraces the role of being a "fitness ambassador" and will share his message whenever the chance arises.

A FEW WORDS FROM Dave Smith...

Every year I look forward to attending the canfitpro Conference. It's always full of positive energy and leaves me excited about my chosen profession as a personal trainer. This year was even more exciting as I was nominated to receive the Fitness Professional of the Year award, an award that I had watched other trainers and fitness instructors receive over the past 10 or so years I've been attending the conference.

Simply being nominated for the award was a real honour. Working with clients through my online fitness programs means I often never get to meet them face-to-face because we live in different cities, provinces, or even countries. Being nominated for the canfitpro award really validated that this work is worthwhile even if it's non-conventional. It assured me that I am helping others achieve their fitness goals even if I'm not physically present with them as they do it.

During the closing ceremony I was both nervous and excited. When my name was finally called it took a moment to actually sink in that I had been selected to receive the award. Then, I found myself a little speechless when I was asked to say a few words. Standing in front of a room full of my peers, many of whom I look up to professionally, was a humbling experience. I was happy, humbled, and even more enthusiastic than ever about being a personal trainer.

That experience will act as motivation for me to continue improving my practice as a personal trainer. It will also serve as a reminder as to why I love my job - I get to meet fantastic people, work with those who are enthusiastic about health and fitness, and help clients improve the quality of their lives. That's a very exciting thought!

- Dave

2013 Fitness Professional of the Year Finalists

Shawn Slade

Tara Newbigging

2012 Winner

Congratulations to Jules Hilliker!Winner of the 2012 Fitness Professional of the Year Award!

Jules Hilliker (front row, middle-left) celebrating after the Closing Ceremonies with the canfitpro Executive Team, Volunteer of the Year - Garry Blain (front row, middle-right), International Presenter of the Year - Lawrence Biscontini (front row, left), and Peter Twist (back row, middle).

Jules Hilliker’s enthusiasm and work in the community providing and promoting barrier free fitness to all is a testament to her dedication and belief that everyone can lead a healthy, active lifestyle no matter their circumstances.

Jules spent most of her life obese, struggling with eating disorders, low self-esteem and deep feelings of isolation. After the birth of her first child Jules decided to get educated and healthy by researching fitness and nutrition. This three year journey resulted in her losing 150lbs and gaining personal insight into the challenges and obstacles encountered by obese people striving to change their lives. Many of the trainers Jules worked with during this time did not acknowledge her presence in the class and never once addressed her as an individual. These experiences shaped her into the inclusive and supportive trainer she would become. Jules career in fitness began in 2006 when she proudly earned her certification with canfitpro.

With little more on her resume than a passion to succeed and a desire to help others, Jules was hired to run the popular Boomerang Kids Free Strollercise Program. Her transformation of that fitness program into an all-inclusive pre and post-natal experience sparked a deeper commitment to ensuring all women could find a safe place to train. With personal goals ranging from first steps on a fitness journey similar to her own to training for triathlons, women training with Jules were welcomed into a community that not only exercised but also laughed and learned and grew together. Offered five days a week with instruction in diverse topics such as yoga with baby, infant massage and nutritional seminars for mother and child, this program is supported and promoted by doctors, doulas, midwives and social workers as an effective therapy in combating post partum depression and its feelings of isolation.

With the support of her many clients Jules opened FitnesswithJules, a business created to ensure every client was individually respected and motivated at the right level for their age, ability, and emotional need. FitnesswithJules provides its clients with exciting and effective workouts that inspire all participants to exercise and to also have fun. Known for her dynamic, energetic and constantly changing fitness programs, Jules researches the latest fitness information and continues her education through canfitpro and Human Kinetics, fueling her desire to provide her clients with cutting edge, challenging workouts.

Jules teaches boot-camp classes in many public schools, focusing on introducing students to non-sport specific fitness so that all children can participate and feel stronger both physically and emotionally. Jules conducts regular workshops where parents, caregivers and educators are taught strategies to include children of all interest and fitness levels in fitness activities and also the importance of playing and moving with students to model healthy attitudes in adults. Jules has partnered with many local community centers to teach barrier free fitness to lower income families and people who have newly immigrated to Canada. Participants in these classes are provided with proper nutritional information and tips on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families, promoting balance and offering support for individuals not traditionally provided with group fitness instruction. Teaching at the Ottawa Athletic Club has allowed her to offer her tailored fitness experience to professional athletes and clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Jules commitment to her community extends beyond her free programs to involvement in many charities and fundraising events. Past charity events include sponsoring and teambuilding for Bell Walk for Kids, promoting and implementing charity boot camps for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada and Run for the Cure. Jules also raised funds to provide new shoes to twelve low-income participants of her community center fitness classes. These women who had been working out in flip-flops could now proudly and fully participate in supportive shoes, enabling them to get the most out of their classes and reduce risk of injury. This year Jules is excited and proud to be named Women’s Health Ambassador with the Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health. As ambassador she will increase awareness, interest and participation in the Bumps in the Road campaign. This campaign is dedicated to raising funds for research in women’s reproductive health and promoting healthy pregnancies from conception through birth.

Jules’ passion to arm everyone with the tools necessary to reshape their lives regardless of their socioeconomic or life circumstances is what motivated her to create barrier free fitness. Working with community centers and public schools, her focus is on creating an interest for fitness and nutrition that everyone can participate in. Whether she is training world-class athletes at the Ottawa Athletic club, lower income families new to Canada, creating fitness programs for overweight schoolchildren, or implementing the newest research on effective pre and post-natal condition at the Glebe Community Centre, Jules’ goal is always the same – fun, effective fitness forever!

Jules currently holds a canfitpro PTS Certification.


I was shocked and overwhelmed to be even nominated for canfitpro Fitness Professional of the Year. I now understand why people say that they cannot begin to describe an event in words. From the second I entered the convention centre to the moment my name was announced I knew I was a part of something great! Since I was in awe of everyone in the room, I never for one second believed I would hear my name, and right before that incredible moment my 5 year old daughter Summer whispered, "I hope it's you.” and in my heart I knew I did too! I hope that everyone on that stage, in the seats and throughout the hallways as I left the ceremony knows that I share this honor with each and every one of them. As total strangers, each more flattering and sincere than the next, congratulated me (a total stranger to them), it was proven to me once again that canfitpro is more than a fitness community, it is a family. It is your support, inclusion and positivity that inspires me, encourages me and challenges me to continue to learn from you and with you. There was an energy and feeling of positivity that seemed unreal, and that was the last day! My personal weight loss had been self directed and motivated and at times very isolating and canfitpro changed all of that. From the very first day of my very first certification I knew that I had found something amazing, Not only was the education I received phenomenal, relevant and useful, the support from the canfitpro team helped shape the needed confidence to be the best trainer I can be. This award will be a daily reminder to make everyone I work with feel as important, special and valid as canfitpro has made me feel! To my fiancé Chris – it was because you loved me the way I was that I was able to become what I always wanted to be.

- Jules

2012 Fitness Professional of the Year Finalists

Marc Lebert

Tara Newbigging

2011 Winner

Congratulations to Aric Sudicky!Winner of the 2011 Fitness Professional of the Year Award!

Aric Sudicky accepting his award from Maureen Hagan, canfitpro Director of Education

With a relentless passion for fitness and health, Aric Sudicky has propelled himself to the forefront of the Canadian fitness industry. While attending university he was a decorated student athlete, winning a national silver medal for varsity volleyball along with the prestigious “Silver Medallion” from the University of Calgary for graduating at the top of his class. With multiple certifications along with university education in biology, Aric is truly passionate about health, the human body and the ability to utilize science to better those around him.

Immediately out of university, Aric co-produced and hosted his personal DVD, Optimum Fitness & Nutrition. He has also been extensively published as a world class fitness model in magazines such as Maximum Fitness, Inside Fitness and Exercise & Health. Aric has transformed himself into his own drug free success story, transitioning from a thin volleyball player to the muscular physique necessary to his current magazine work.

As a fitness professional, Aric is changing the face of personal training having launched Medically Integrated Personal Training at Medpoint Healthcare Centre, which has fully integrated exercise, nutrition and medicine for the first time in Canada. With a full team of elite trainers and fourteen doctors on staff, Aric and the team of health professionals at Medpoint are working tirelessly to make preventative health care a priority for Canadians.

In addition to improving the health status of patients, Aric has established himself as an elite fitness competition coach having worked with four champions in the last year including, CBBF Figure Tall Champion Emily Zelinka, FAME fitness model champion Shawn Brittan, Fitness Star champion Greg Smith and UFE Fitness Model national champion, Jet Black.

Respected for his humble character and genuine compassion for each individual he works with, Aric continues to exemplify what it means to be a well rounded contributor to the fitness industry. Aric is an ambassador for Canadian drug free bodybuilding and makes it clear that he is not only an accomplished model, but a true fitness professional who is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals in fitness and health.

In his free time, Aric enjoys serving abroad. Over the last three years he has served on three volunteer missions, travelling to Salvador, Brazil and Lima, Peru. In spring, 2011 Aric helped at three orphanages in Lima and also worked with orphanage managers to implement better water sanitation strategies.

Aric currently hold a canfitpro PTS Certification.


I want to first thank canfitpro for choosing me at Canadian Fitness Professional of the Year. It is an honour and extremely humbling considering all of the excellent fitness pros we have here in Canada. I want to also congratulate the other two finalists; you are both incredible fitness pros.

Working at Medpoint Health Care Centre has been an invaluable experience and thanks to the open mind of our president, Alex Hanham, I have been able to implement a state of the art program that utilizes the talents of his doctors and my fitness TEAM. All of our hard work is worth it every time a client is taken off medication and implements a new healthy lifestyle.

As a Canadian Fitness Professional anything is possible and you can reach thousands of people if you put your mind to it. From training in a gym, to hosting radio shows, serving abroad and writing articles for magazines that reach thousands, anything is possible in fitness. That is the beauty of the career we have chosen, it is absolutely limitless!

I am still speechless at this award and am more motivated than ever to continue to express my passion for fitness and health. One thing is for sure, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for supportive family and friends. My mom especially has been a great role model and instilled in me her work ethic from an early age.

Thank you again canfitpro, I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the conference next year!

- Aric

2011 Fitness Professional of the Year Finalists

David Avery

Tara Newbigging

2010 Winner

Congratulations Theresa Carriere!Winner of the 2010 Fitness Professional of the Year Award!

Theresa Carriere with
Maureen Hagan, canfitpro Director of Education

Theresa leads a busy and fit life as Mom to four children, Fitness Coordinator at London Life Insurance Co. as well as personal training and teaching a variety of fitness classes to London Life employees.

At age 43, Theresa was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment. From this experience Theresa created ONERUN, a fundraising initiative in which Theresa herself ran 100 kilometres from London, Ontario to Sarnia, Ontario. Theresa raised $175,000 toward breast cancer research (the most a first time, third party, has raised in funds in Canada for 2009/2010 to date) for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and London's Pamela Greenway Kohlmeier Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit.

ONERUN was sponsored by over 30 business and brought together hundreds of people in the community A 'Virtual Run' was also created, which helped over 400 participants run, bike or swim their own 100 kilometres over six months and help them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Theresa also commits her time as a coach to youth through the Ontario Basketball Association and the Rambler's Team in London, Ontario. She not only coaches children and young adults on how to play and the power of teamwork, she also influences the children off the court as well. Theresa, along with her husband Bill, provide life lessons on how fitness and relationships formed in a healthy environment can lead to a positive direction in life, particularly with young girls who are often faced with pressures of self esteem and self worth. Theresa's influence has contributed to confident, happy young women!

ONERUN began as Theresa's way to give back to the medical community and the friends and family that supported her when she needed it most. ONERUN grew to be about survivors, their families and communities and how fitness can bring hope and strength to those battling cancer. The outreach of this event spanned across our country and even outside. Theresa has inspired so many people and has taught everyone that one person can make a difference!

Theresa Carriere currently holds PTS certification.


A couple of weeks have passed since the 2010 canfitpro Toronto conference and standing on stage in front of the most amazing people I know - and still today, I cannot believe it! I feel extremely fortunate to be part of a profession where I have the opportunity to work with incredible individuals each and every day.

To be recognized as the 2010 canfitpro Fitness Professional of the Year is truly a great honour and one that I hold very dear to my heart.

I would like to thank canfitpro for allowing me to continue to learn and motivating me to reach for the stars. I would like to say a special thank you to Patch and Jane for allowing me to be part of the Goodlife family for over 23 years - what a great honour to be part of this outstanding family. To my wonderful friend, Mo - I will never forget what she has done for me professionally and more importantly, personally, in helping me believe in my abilities. To all my crazy, beautiful friends at Goodlife - Lore Wainwright, Clara Carvalho, Michelle Kerr, Pam Colby, Sarah Langford, and so many others who played a major role in the ONERUN campaign to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer. My deepest gratitude and love, always.

As a Fitness Professional, I spend a lot of energy and time doing what I love to do and I could not do it without the support of my family. To my husband Bill, and my beautiful children, thank you for your patience and your love.

Stay healthy, stay happy!!

2010 Fitness Professional of the Year Finalists

Nikki Kamphuis

Dorothea Pitt

2009 Winner

Congratulations Nancy Cook!Winner of the 2009 Fitness Professional of the Year Award!

Nancy Cook with
Maureen Hagan, canfitpro Director of Education

Nancy established her business Go Figure! Family Fun and Fitness in January 2006. Nancy dedicates much of her free time to advocate healthy living. As a member of various committees, Good for Life, Be Active Barrie and Barrie’s Active Transportation, advocating health Nancy is able to spearhead many community events.

The Stroller Fit program, a FREE walking program for anyone pushing a stroller is lead by Nancy and was developed through the local Good for Life Committee in partnership with the Bayfield Mall and Go Figure! Fitness.

Nancy's determination saw Barrie’s community host an Active Transportation Workshop. An Action plan was created towards a more bike-able and walk-able community. One of the action points was the creation of a Car-Free Sunday (August 20, 2009), hailed a huge success by City councilor Lynn Strachan.

Nancy also developed and promoted Barrie’s Biggest Loser Challenge. Twenty-five residents of Simcoe County challenged each other to change their lifestyle. This was a comprehensive program covering many of the topics addressed when trying to lose weight. First time challengers lost 450lbs collectively. In partnership with community businesses the challengers also had the opportunity to win great prizes.

Nancy has truly embraced her community and her community has embraced her back. Nancy’s innovation, determination and perseverance has improved her community and its citizen’s health and wellness.

Nancy currently holds certifications with CSEP-CPT, PTS, NWS.


Thank you canfitpro delegates for choosing me as the 2009 Fitness Professional of the Year. It will be remembered as one of the highlights of my career. It is a great honour to be acknowledged for your hard work and tremendous efforts by your peers, family and friends. I look forward to many more years in the health and fitness industry.

The feelings I experience when I am able to help others realize a healthier, happier lifestyle is a great reward in itself. Receiving this tremendous recognition, for doing what I love has left me speechless. It is not very often that I am without words, those who know me best can attest to that.

I would like to thank those who submitted their nominations, my clients, and to all of my successful challengers in the Barrie’s Biggest Loser Challenge. Thank you for making my day.

- Nancy Cook

Go Figure! Family fun and fitness

2009 Fitness Professional of the Year Finalists

Ross O'Donnell

Maureen Rae