Arleigh Winokur

Arleigh Winokur

Arleigh is a long-established and well-respected personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness educator with 30 years of experience. She boasts a long list of satisfied clients at all levels of fitness. Arleigh has extensive experience working with people who have special considerations, in all age brackets. Arleigh enjoys working with people with joint replacements, back pain and other issues,

but has equal know-how working with fitness models and bodybuilders, and everything in between.

As a “trainer of the trainers”, Arleigh has been a PRO TRAINER with canfitpro for 20 years, having certified several thousand Personal Trainer Specialists. She thrives on being able to take difficult-to-understand information, and making it easy to assimilate, and a lot of fun in the process.

Arleigh also offers follow-up education to trainers and fitness instructors who are interested in “upping their game”, improving their own fitness performance, or seeking business coaching and mentoring. Many of these trainer clients come to her for guidance and technical information they may be lacking, so that they may pass it along to their own PT clientele.

Arleigh’s personal fitness involves running in the warmer months, and snowshoeing up hills in winter, but she is also the owner of the Personal Training Station in Mississauga ON which boasts a full complement of commercial gym equipment which doubles as her canfitpro classroom.