glute training

If you offer fitness services, you are measured on results.

As we look to get back to being open full time post pandemic, having tools that will assist and compliment your expertise is critical in creating a results driven experience for your patrons.
In our society, the results most often pursued are those of fat loss, better appearance, injury prevention and improved movement capacity or athletic performance.

For those reasons, it is not surprising that targeting your glutes, or glute training has become one of the most popular fitness trends in our industry.

Prediction: Look for glute training to continue to be a hot trend through 2022 and beyond.


  • If you or your clients have back soreness, then glute training can help.
  • If you or your clients are sore or have soreness around your knees, glute training can help.
  • If you or your clients want to be able to move better, glute training can help.

With all the information about the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training for example, the one caveat is that your body must be able to endure quick & explosive movements.

glute training

If you are sprinting, especially if older, your posterior must be a powerhouse to do so safely. Any activity where movement is required needs strong glutes to be able to withstand their demands.

If you want to improve your appearance, glute training can help. Let’s face it, vanity is part of the gig. Strong, powerful glutes look good. Enough said.

The glutes are the powerhouse of your body.

Combined with a strong core, they make sure you are ready and able to do just about anything, as close to bulletproof as you can get. So why do most of us have weak glutes?

  1. They are really tough to target. For a muscle to improve in strength and function, it needs to be overloaded and taken through a full range of motion. Those 2 tasks are challenging in targeting the glutes. Yes, squats, or back extensions, or deadlifts all work the glutes, but they also target a number of other muscles groups.
  1. It is not comfortable to target the glutes. A muscle grows with targeted and regular overload + range of motion. Hip thrust has been proven to be a great solution to achieve targeted glute training but they are not comfortable if you want to overload. In fact, they are terrific only if done right.
  1. To build glutes requires overload, and it is dangerous to target the glutes with heavy overload and keep proper form. There are over 1000 possibilities of hip thrust alone when we factor in equipment that can be used, ranges of motion, unilateral vs bilateral and tempo of movement. However, Olympic bar with heavy weights dangling over our midsection is not the safest or most comfortable. In addition, studies have proven that the quads are taxes significantly in the Olympic bar hip trust.

For these reasons, targeting the glutes has not been easy for most of us. With all that is at stake for achieving strong and powerful glutes, making targeted training more accessible, safer, simpler has a big upside.

Matrix Fitness can help with the best glute trainer on the market today. A machine designed to make training glutes via hip thrusts safer and more effective.

  • Accessible for most mobility, body sizes and fitness levels.
  • Comfortable.
  • Safe to overload with weights or band resistance.
  • Variety of loads possible form heaviest of weights to elastic & accommodating resistance.

Check the list on the Matrix Glute Trainer:

  • Targets the glutes.
  • Ease of access.
  • Accommodating to different body types and mobility levels.
  • Variety of foot placement.
  • Adjustable hip padding & placement.
  • Variety of resistance possible (allows for heavy load where needed).
  • Safe.
  • Simple.
  • Comfortable.
  • Will help with injury prevention.
  • Will build powerful hamstrings and glutes.
  • Increases the profile and importance of glute training in your facility.

See for yourself:

Even the most ardent non machine functional enthusiasts are impressed.

Fore more information on the Matrix Glute Trainer, including pricing proposal that will impress, please contact your local representative, catch up on social media @matrixfitnesscanada or visit our website.


Greg Lawlor (B.Ed. M.A.) is Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Matrix Fitness Canada, a division of Johnson Health Tech. You can connect on social media at Matrix Fitness Canada.