running towards 2022

Expectations for the future of work in the fitness industry look very different than it did even 18 months ago, and will continue to evolve radically and rapidly. As an owner, operator, entrepreneur or intrapreneur you need to be ready to respond and adapt to a changing landscape. No longer will fitness clubs and studios compete on price. More powerful strategies around creating an experiential member journey with technology integration, relevant and inclusive marketing and competence in leading and serving members will be necessary. Investing in your learning will set you up for success in this new future of work world. 

canfitpro’s final event of the year, the Online Business and Leadership Event on November 12th is here to support you in just that. To fast track the implementation of your learning on this day bring your key team members along.  This will allow you to learn as much as you can, not to mention inspire and influence those around you to elevate their knowledge at the same time.  Read below for some examples of the sessions and learning opportunities available through this canfitpro event and what they could mean for the future of your fitness business and career.

Technology is going to significantly impact every part of your business and be embedded into everything you do no matter the role you play. Understanding this new ecosystem and where your business sits within it and, how to use the data you have to enhance member experiences will be your advantage. Learn about this and more by attending “The Fitness Future. Applied Today”, a featured session on November 12th featuring technology futurist Ian Mullane and Troy Morgan and Brent Vaughan from Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre in Australia. They will share their success story on how to advance your knowledge and comfort navigating the new digital reality and how to use the technology you already have to transform your business and stay relevant in these changing times. This one-of-a-kind session will be facilitated by industry legend and observer Emma Barry

In the new world of selling and marketing, stories are the most powerful comebacks. To help you understand this, connect effectively with your prospects, and create winning connections with your prospects, I would recommend that you attend “THINK Yourself a SALES PRO ™ with Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas – winner of the 2021 canfitpro Canadian Delegate’s Choice Presenter of the Year Award.  Nathalie will teach you to “THINK Yourself a SALES PRO™: Create an Irresistible Sales Experience”, and I’m quite certain this will inspire you to think differently when you approach prospects and close more sales.

Leadership, personal, and professional development will help set you apart from the competition and ultimately strengthen you and your company’s brand.  The future of work will require fitness professionals to possess a broader skillset and willingness to become more inclusive in how they think, act and influence.  I invite you to join an important conversation, “Creating Sustainable Fitness Industry Career Opportunities for All”, with myself and three social change and inclusivity experts: Paul Klein, Katie Heggtveit and Megan Williamson. 

Coaching is becoming an integral part of our connection strategy with members, clients and associates. Discover the “10 Steps to Creating the Optimal Virtual Experience” with Fraser Quelch, that will enhance your ability to engage with others in your business and your impact as a mentor.

These are only a sampling of the 15 sessions of the event which features 30+ presenters, fitness experts, leaders, and pioneers from all around the globe.  An event of this high caliber for the cost of $59 plus tax makes it easy for everyone in the industry to tap into the last virtual event of the year presented by canfitpro.  Finally, as a canfitpro business member you have further discounts to participate and bring your staff with you!  For more information about our Business Membership click here.


canfitpro’s COO of Program Innovation and Fitness Development