Invest In Building Client Trust

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We have all heard the saying, “no pain, no gain,” and if you are from the era of dungy gyms and over-the-top lifts, then you have probably succumbed to the social pressures of pushing yourself to avoid ridicule. You know, those moments you pushed just a bit more because someone was shouting, “come on, one more rep!” or the “don’t be a quitter” comment to get you rattled up. We have come a far way since those days, or at least I hope we have.  Now, I am not…

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Join the Fitness Industry Revival!

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Now is the time to take advantage of the fitness industry revival. Fitness businesses are looking for great talent and there are many exciting opportunities waiting to be explored!  The message across the fitness industry is clear, after a year and a half of pandemic related closures, the doors to the fitness world are finally open again. Clubs and studios are…

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5 Benefits of Launching A Profitable Online Fitness Membership Website

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You want to start an online fitness business but you have absolutely no idea where you start. You didn’t come from a business background and your tech skills? Well, those leave something to be desired… Maybe you should do LIVE coaching, or maybe you create and sell a product. Or maybe you become an affiliate.…

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Are You Virtually Burnt Out?

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Providing fitness experience online isn’t for everyone, and some fitness professionals have hit a virtual wall. Many of us who chose to continue to serve our clients and participants thanks to virtual fitness offers invested time and money in setting ourselves up with the technology required to for quality AV. We provided great personal training…

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Investing in the Future of Fitness, Work and Learning

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Expectations for the future of work in the fitness industry look very different than it did even 18 months ago, and will continue to evolve radically and rapidly. As an owner, operator, entrepreneur or intrapreneur you need to be ready to respond and adapt to a changing landscape. No longer will fitness clubs and studios…

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How confident can you be in AI predictions?

Ai and Human Hand

We’re often asked about the accuracy of AI – how confident we can be in its predictions. It’s understandable. Operators are, after all, being asked to move away from an expertise-led approach to effectively hand over control to an algorithm. It’s also true that, whether human- or machine-generated, every prediction has an error possibility. The…

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Polar Club: The Importance of Being Heartest

The Renaissance Group exercises…daunting to some, motivating to others but part of a tight knit routine to many. The COVID shutdown most likely had gym goers rethink their ways of training, and that is a positive. Now, participants might be hesitant to commit to group trainings again as they have integrated their own self-taught programs…

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Let’s Connect the Community

Ontario Parasport Access Expo 2021

Approximately 14% of Canadians have a sensory, intellectual, or physical disability (this includes persons with more than one disability). That’s 5.7 million Canadians. In a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto, in partnership with Athletics Canada and the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance, it was determined that 25% of Canadian para-athletes have had…

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Worried You Aren’t Any Good At Data? You might be pleasantly surprised…

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“Our sector just isn’t very good at data.” Sound like a familiar comment? Certainly it’s something that’s said often about the health and fitness sector, with many a critical eye cast over operators’ inconsistent data capture and their far-from-optimized subsequent use of that data. Playing devil’s advocate for a moment, in some cases it even…

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