What will fitness look like in 2022?

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canfitpro Fitness Trends survey predicts mind-body fitness for anyone, anywhere By Maureen ‘Mo’ Hagan, COO canfitpro (originally posted on GoodLife Fitness) Increased sedentary time during the pandemic has affected our overall health. Remote work, home-schooling, shelter in place measures and the closure of fitness, recreation and sport facilities and programs are contributing to more sedentary…

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BIPOC In Fitness: Daniela Goode Thomas

Daniela Goode

Name: Daniela Goode Thomas Religion: Christian Country of birth: Canada Share details about your cultural background I was born and raised in Canada, however, I identify as Jamaican via the heritage and of culture my parents, who immigrated to Canada in the 1970s. I absolutely love my Jamaican background, and I believe that it gives…

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Intuitive Goal Setting: Bring the Joy Back!

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By Antonio Montes  As another year comes to an end, it is the perfect time to reflect on the goals you set for yourself and what ended up happening. Odds are you hit some of your goals but fell short in others.   Regardless of the outcome, the goals we set for ourselves mean little to nothing if they are not truly aligned with…

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Canada’s ACTION Plan

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By Sara Hodson              No one could have imagined the explosion of online fitness when the world shut down in March 2020. No one could have foreseen this would not be short-lived, that the pandemic would persist, forcing the fitness industry into upheaval and rapid change. We had to adapt quickly – my own business, LIVE WELL Exercise…

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BIPOC In Fitness: Hot Booty Ballet

Suaad Ghadban

Name: Suaad Ghadban Religion: Muslim Country of birth: United Arabe Emirates (Abu Dhabi) Share details about your cultural background I was born in Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arabe Emirates and lived there for a few years as a child. My mom is Syrian and my father is Jordanian both of Palestinian descent.…

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goal setting

When I work one-on-one with my coaching and business mentorship clients, the first step in goal setting, before starting to break it down into smaller goals or before setting up deadlines for each step, or even before identifying what is holding them back, etc. is to psyche yourself up for it. WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU?…

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Invest In Building Client Trust

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We have all heard the saying, “no pain, no gain,” and if you are from the era of dungy gyms and over-the-top lifts, then you have probably succumbed to the social pressures of pushing yourself to avoid ridicule. You know, those moments you pushed just a bit more because someone was shouting, “come on, one more rep!” or the “don’t be a quitter” comment to get you rattled up. We have come a far way since those days, or at least I hope we have.  Now, I am not…

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Join the Fitness Industry Revival!

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Now is the time to take advantage of the fitness industry revival. Fitness businesses are looking for great talent and there are many exciting opportunities waiting to be explored!  The message across the fitness industry is clear, after a year and a half of pandemic related closures, the doors to the fitness world are finally open again. Clubs and studios are…

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5 Benefits of Launching A Profitable Online Fitness Membership Website

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You want to start an online fitness business but you have absolutely no idea where you start. You didn’t come from a business background and your tech skills? Well, those leave something to be desired… Maybe you should do LIVE coaching, or maybe you create and sell a product. Or maybe you become an affiliate.…

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Are You Virtually Burnt Out?

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Providing fitness experience online isn’t for everyone, and some fitness professionals have hit a virtual wall. Many of us who chose to continue to serve our clients and participants thanks to virtual fitness offers invested time and money in setting ourselves up with the technology required to for quality AV. We provided great personal training…

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