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Dan Doiron is a finalist for canfitpro’s Got Talent 2020.

Dan Doiron
Dan Doiron

Why did you choose canfitpro?

In 2008, at 50 years old, I decided to start a solo music career and I realized that if I was going to have the energy and health to finally follow my lifelong passion I needed to become more fit.

Over the following years, fitness became a second passion and, although I made tons of mistakes, I learned a lot from friends who had received certifications from canfitpro. When COVID hit and all my shows were cancelled, I decided that, at 62 years of age, it was time to educate myself and I took the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist and Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach certifications, along with the Active Aging Certificate and Online Fitness Professional training…… and I’m so excited to share what I’m learning on this journey!

What is your WHY? Why have you chosen this profession?

I see this time in life not as a time to look back, but instead as an opportunity to focus on self growth, learning, and creativity. It’s a time to rekindle that passion of our youth. Four years ago, I started the Live Centre Stage project ( to promote that mindset. While developing this program of keynote presentations and concerts, I quickly realized that one of our biggest obstacles at this age is having the health to pursue our dreams, and so developing health and fitness opportunities has become a huge part of my focus. My “why” is to help my fellow boomers realize that it’s never too late to take control of your health to have the energy to live your passion.

What gets you excited to go to work each day?

It might sound cheesy, but I jump out of bed every morning, excited to share what I’m learning about fitness, nutrition, and wellness. It’s exciting to help others realize that they absolutely can get in the best shape of their lives at this time of life. It’s also rewarding to be around positive people who are dedicated to health and living their dream!

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Music will always be my number one passion, so having the opportunity to perform Keynote concerts, where I get to share my music along with a positive message and methodology for improved health, is a real privilege. I also love the creativity of developing my YouTube channel and am so grateful for the opportunity to help my clients with individualized programs, so they have the health and energy to pursue their passion.