3 Time-Saving Hacks for Eating Well

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Your clients likely know the importance of healthy eating but many think they’re too busy for it. What they need are time-saving strategies that they can stick with. It takes time to adopt new habits, so suggest these three and encourage your clients to choose one they feel they can succeed at.   1. Start meal planning.  When we…

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Becoming a PRO TRAINER During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, it became clear to me that I needed to re-evaluate my career options – something I have had to do before – and it was not something I necessarily wanted to do this time around.   I absolutely love working in the fitness Industry. I have been working with GoodLife Fitness in Toronto for a decade now, and there is nothing I would rather do. I have been a Personal Trainer for seven years now and I have…

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Embracing My Virtual Business

I was raised on the grapevine.  My first foray into the world of fitness was with Jane Fonda. She and I would meet regularly in my basement afterschool in the 80’s, her clad in a pink leotard and leg warmers, me in my cropped Adidas shorts, synchronizing our leg lifts to the music: up three, down one, hold and pulse. Do you feel that burn? I felt it.   And it spoke to me.   Fitness was…

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Imposter Syndrome

imposter syndrome 2021

Imposter Syndrome is the fear of being labeled a fraud, feeling unworthy or not experienced enough to do something. This is common within the fitness industry, especially with the explosion of social media where it seems we are inundated with images of perfect bodies and seemingly more capable individuals daily.  It is easy to feel like someone else knows more than you do or can do a…

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The Poundemic: Shifting the Conversation Around Weight Loss

pounddemic weight loss 2021

Almost half of all Canadians experienced weight gain over COVID. As our provinces are re-starting and re-opening, we are going to gain members who are focused on weight loss. As fitness professionals, it is our responsibility to support and guide our members while also providing evidence-based programming, information, and tools.    There has been a concerning word circulating in the media: the…

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Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach: Tools for Client Success

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach Tools for Client Success

Weight (fat) loss has been in the forefront of my mind for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a mom who felt she always needed to lose weight. I cannot remember a time when she was not attempting the newest fad diet program in an attempt to finally look the way both she and society felt she should. I also struggled with my weight in…

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Gut Health: The Key Role To A Healthy Immune System

With the current state of the world, the topic of immunity has become widely popular. We’ve all become so motivated to keep our immunity in check within the recent year, but some important topics tend to be skipped over when addressing a strong immune system. We know to take our vitamin C, eat our antioxidants…

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Mental Wellness Education

It’s been over 400 days since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. While all humans are experiencing the pandemic, the truth is, as individuals we are experiencing the pandemic differently. You may be feeling fear, anxiety, grief, frustration, or any number of challenging emotions. You may also feel like you are thriving right…

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Breaking Body Biases – Weight-Inclusive Fitness Resources

breaking body biases

“I never thought I could be a fitness professional because my body wasn’t ‘perfect’ enough.” This personal experience, and others like it, came through the participant comments at canfitpro’s recent Online FitPro event. The session was Breaking Body Biases to Empower Inclusive Fitness in support of canfitpro’s ongoing commitment to body diversity and weight neutral…

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My Hero, My Daughter

I found myself a few years back consumed in a sandwich society situation where I was balancing far too much on my shoulders. I was caring for my elderly mother, working a full time monotonous, solitary job as a transcriptionist/editor, and caring for my small family. I had gained a significant amount of weight which…

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