Taking Care of Your Gut 

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You know the importance of gut health by now. It has always been an important aspect of holistic, natural medicine but recently other fields such as psychology, neurology, and even immunology are beginning to understand and stress the importance of maintaining a healthy gut lining and microbiome to treat and prevent serious and chronic diseases.…

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Top-Notch Trainer Tips to Recharge 

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Personal trainers, fitness coaches and nutritionists are more than individuals creating and delivering safe and effective exercise programs and nutritional protocols. Collectively, we all share a love of health and a deep-rooted passion to help others live their best life. Bringing our A game to our clients day in and day out is exhilarating but…

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Newly Released: Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health 

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Even small amounts of alcohol can be damaging to our health.  As leaders in health and wellness, fitness professionals can help Canadians to make well-informed decisions about their alcohol consumption by raising awareness about the new guidelines (and where to go to find out more).   5 Key Takeaways:  Based on the latest evidence, the Canadian…

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Heart Health For Die-Hard Sports Fans 

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If you ask a sports fan their favourite month, they just might say February. With major league sports games happening in hockey, basketball and football, there are edge-of-your-seat plays happening on courts, rinks, and fields throughout North America.  February is also Heart Month, a suitable time to look at what happens to your heart when…

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Fitness and COVID

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For twenty-five-year-old Vancouverite Kylie, an avid runner and overall fitness enthusiast, COVID-19 took the wind right out of her – literally. Although she had flu-like symptoms, body aches and fatigue, they were considered mild. She credits being physically active before the pandemic and fully vaccinated helped her recover. COVID hit Toronto’s Norm Spence, a canfitpro…

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The Science of Gratitude  

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Adopting an attitude of gratitude is not some new age, woo woo thing and it certainly doesn’t dismiss the struggles that life throws at us. There is hard research and science backing why practicing gratitude and filtering to see the good in situations (even the most challenging ones) is good for our mental and physical…

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Small Changes for Big Results 

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It’s a New Year and you want to kick things into high gear and set some new attainable goals for yourself!  Sticking with activities you love to do, so that exercise isn’t a chore, is so important when making a plan and being consistent with exercise.  Instead of overhauling your whole life this year, consider…

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Mental Illness In The Fitness Industry: Let’s Talk    

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Mental illness – whether it’s depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, bi-polar disorder, etc., can affect anyone, but those in the fitness industry are at a higher risk for emotional disorders than the general population. And for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s because of the emotional impact of trying to impart an impossibly perfected…

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Optimizing Aging: How to Age Well

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How we age is in our control, says Toronto’s Dr. Greg Wells, senior scientist in translational medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children. “Exercise and being physically active can help keep your DNA young, and DNA is how we rebuild our bodies at every stage of our lives.” In his new book, Powerhouse, Wells says…

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3 Simple Steps to a Lasting Exercise Program  

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Have you ever been given this very simple, yet incredibly complicated advice from your doctor? “You could really benefit from starting an exercise program.”   If so, you are lucky to have a doctor who understands the power of exercise! In fact, exercise has been proven to help prevent diseases, reduce pain, decrease dependency on medications,…

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