Positivity and Focus in 2020

2020 has been a wild ride for the fitness industry. This year will go down in the history books. We’ve experienced a wide range of emotions, from fear as the pandemic began to surge in Canada with limited science available, to shock when we closed studio doors due to public health orders.

What I settled on was positivity. No amount of dwelling and worrying is going to change the fact that we are facing an unprecedented situation in our industry, that is out of our control. We cannot control the science nor can we argue with the public health officials who are tasked with keeping an entire population safe. What we can control is how our members experience Oxygen during this time.

So, with a positive mindset, we have focused on our membership, keeping them engaged in fitness and health through a virtual experience with Oxygen.

Our Virtual Studio option has also created a secondary revenue stream for studios as well as a new lead generating process that allows new potential members to get confident with our wide range of classes before experiencing them in studio, with the FAR Infrared heat.

While it has been challenging learning to change a business model quickly and having everyone adapt to the changes at a rapid rate to meet the needs of all the consumers, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to refocus on our roots. It’s given us some time for pause, to think of the future and prepare for it with meaning and purpose. Our continued interest in new franchise opportunities indicates that prospective studio owners are looking towards their future, and exploring how studio ownership can improve their lifestyle while making a positive impact on health & wellness in their communities..

Studios that have opened this year are opening at half capacity and we’ve had to make adjustments regionally, based on current public health orders of a region. Each region has its unique set of challenges, and our team has been dedicated to crafting opening plans and supporting the opening of each studio individually, with creativity and new ideas.

One thing that has remained constant and will continue to be a constant, is our dedication to our member and staff health. It’s been a top priority to keep our studios clean, and keeping the flow of traffic in and out of our studios safe for everyone during this time. This commitment has become part of our brand culture in a short period of time. While we look towards the end of the restrictions and a COVID- free world, we continue to focus on staying positive and adapting.

Photo features Jen Hamilton CEO of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness, , Melissa Hansens, Operations Manager, Sean and Sherry Bannerman, Owners of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness North Oshawa.


Jen Hamilton, CEO of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness, has been a dynamic and compelling leader in the fitness industry for over 18 years. Jen’s creativity and vibrant personality is the driving force behind Oxygen’s culture, strength, and continued growth. Her innovation and inventive style created the yoga fusion model that has set Oxygen Yoga & Fitness apart as the industry leader it is today. Jen has been nominated for the RBC Women’s Entrepreneur of the year in Canada (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award (2008, 2016) and Oxygen Yoga & Fitness has received the Canadian Franchisee’s choice award multiple years in a row, just to name a few. By understanding that being open and vulnerable to feedback, and diversity of thought are essential to the growth of any organization, Jen continues to focus on building the Oxygen brand by surrounding herself with a team that is constantly brainstorming and implementing new ideas to keep things fresh and exciting for the ever-expanding membership base.