Breaking Body Biases – Weight-Inclusive Fitness Resources

breaking body biases

“I never thought I could be a fitness professional because my body wasn’t ‘perfect’ enough.” This personal experience, and others like it, came through the participant comments at canfitpro’s recent Online FitPro event. The session was Breaking Body Biases to Empower Inclusive Fitness in support of canfitpro’s ongoing commitment to body diversity and weight neutral…

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Breathwork For Mood Management

young black man doing yoga and sitting in lotus position at home in bedroom

BY PAUL GALLORO, B.MSC YOGA THERAPIST AND SOUL COACH As humans, we have both voluntary and involuntary control over our breath. Don’t think about it, and your breathing will be at the affects of whatever is going on in your mind at the time (stressful thoughts cause short, shallow breaths, peaceful thoughts cause long, deep…

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