By Len Fridman, special Canfitpro contributor

The fitness industry is thriving, despite the challenges posed by the ever-evolving economy and the lingering shadows of a global pandemic. The Canadian fitness landscape is experiencing a remarkable surge, with gym, health, and fitness clubs collectively raking in a whopping $4 billion in revenue. What’s even more astonishing is the fact that this industry has witnessed an impressive 18.6% growth in 2022 alone. So, what’s the secret behind this surge in success?

The answer is simple yet transformative: technology and community. In an era where staying connected and accessible is paramount, Canadian fitness businesses are harnessing the power of technology to supercharge their operations. From state-of-the-art mobile apps to cutting-edge reporting systems, these savvy entrepreneurs are leveraging all-in-one software providers like WellnessLiving to propel their growth, support their communities, and drive up revenue.

Let’s dive deep into the inspiring stories of Canadian fitness business owners who have embraced the digital revolution and emerged as shining examples of how the right tools can make all the difference.

Joel Tellier, Owner & Founder of Stay Gold

Joel Tellier is the unstoppable force behind Stay Gold fitness studio in Toronto, Ontario. As the owner and founder, he’s transformed this Toronto gym into an indoor and outdoor fitness haven.

He’s not just a gym owner; he’s a trailblazer in the fitness scene and an advocate for inclusivity and representation of the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. Stay Gold was born to provide a safe space for everyone. When Joel went looking for business management software, he wanted it to come from an organization that cared about community as much as he did.

“The problem with our previous software provider is that they stopped developing and growing. That just maintained the status quo,” says Joel. “There’s just so many possibilities with WellnessLiving. Whether our trainers are booking clients, or our members are booking themselves, there’s so much flexibility for them to perform those tasks on their own time.”

Stay Gold cut their software costs in half while building a thriving community with the help of WellnessLiving. Check out Joel’s full story HERE.

Ronald & Steph Dykstra, Owners & Co-Founders of Iron Lion Training Inc.

Meet the incredible husband-and-wife team of Ronald and Steph Dykstra, the owners and co-founders of Iron Lion Training Inc. in Toronto, Ontario. At Iron Lion Training, inclusivity isn’t just a slogan—it’s a way of life. It isn’t a marketing ploy, but a reflection of the gym’s vibrant atmosphere. On the gym floor, you’ll find a beautiful tapestry of individuals from diverse backgrounds, encompassing all body types, abilities, ages, and life stages. Everyone is not only welcomed but also genuinely celebrated.

Since Iron Lion Training is a small gym, they needed a software provider that’s affordable and met their unique business needs, and fortunately they found WellnessLiving.

“Streamlined scheduling is incredibly important for us because our trainers and contractors frequently use our space,” Steph explains. “The platform’s scheduling layout is refreshingly intuitive, allowing us to effortlessly create various appointment types, check and adjust the schedule, reschedule appointments, and effectively manage our diverse revenue streams. We can even keep tabs on our earnings from space rentals, all conveniently accessible from our mobile devices. This flexibility is a game-changer since I’m not tethered to my computer all the time.”

Iron Lion Training now excels with the right mobile apps, reporting tools, and flexible booking options. CLICK HERE for Ronald and Steph’s full story.

Rui Saraiva, Founder & President of Stretch Health Canada

Stretch therapy evangelist Rui Saraiva, the founder and president of Stretch Health Canada. Not your typical lotion-and-linen relaxation massage, this fusion of massage, stretching, and fascial work is helping thousands of Canadians improve their health, one stretch at a time!

Rui is taking the fitness industry by storm, with four locations across Ontario, including two in London, one in Kitchener-Waterloo, and one in Toronto. WellnessLiving has been the perfect platform to support this growing enterprise and stretching this clinic to its full potential.

“FitLIVE and FitVID on Demand allowed us to take our business to a whole new level. We created a sense of urgency. After their assessment if they signed up for a Stretch Health PLUS Membership, they’d get free access to our video library,” says Rui. “The depth of functionality and customization is incredible, with each feature configured completely to fit our branding, booking flow, and other business needs.”

Stretch Health Canada has tripled their revenue thanks to WellnessLiving’s virtual tools, lead capturing capabilities, and streamlined booking flow. Find out how HERE.

Tap into the Growing Canadian Fitness Market with the Right Tech

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