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By Jodi Barrett, CEO, Kettlebell Kickboxing

What’s It All About?

Challenging, fun and has proven results! Kettlebells and Martial Arts Motion is the combination that will bring you a new and amazing workout. We use one of the most versatile tools in the gym, the kettlebell (KB), and we fuse it with martial arts motion – training your cardio, strength, and mobility all in ONE PROGRAM. Unique, innovative, and scientific – Kettlebell Kickboxing will Teach, Inspire and Transform your training.

What Makes It So Unique?

As you may know, KB exercises burn more calories in less time compared to more traditional workout regimens. Training with the KB engages multiple muscles while allowing less impact on the body and joints. This makes it possible to train a wide variety of age populations. The KB swing also introduces and focuses on the beloved hip hinge, which is a very important human movement pillar that is often not trained in our programming. Incorporating, the Martial Arts Motion and Martial Arts training interval allows you to train differently from your regular workouts and to work on your functional mobility. Plus, it is simply fun!

An Introduction to Kettlebell Kickboxing

To get started on our KB workout we are going to get you to do a three minute warm up that will get the muscles ready to be engaged throughout the training. Be mindful during the workout – if you ever need a break take one as you know your body better than anyone else. If there is an exercise that you need to modify, take note that this is your starting spot and that’s awesome because now you can measure your own success! Have an end goal of training each movement for one minute with a 15/30 second rest in between. Perform the exercises three times through. Always do ‘form over time’ as it is a great way to train safely, and if your form is not correct you can rest and then successfully start again. Remember to do a proper cool down at the end. We are going to build these motions separately then we are going to put them into our Kettlebell Kickboxing Complex.

Full Mobility Swing

  1. Lean over the KB, pushing the hips back and folding at the waist.
  2. Grab the KB by the handle.
  3. Drive the KB back and above your knees.
  4. Thrust your hips forward, squeeze your glutes, and stand up straight. Do not backward bend at the top of the motion. Be sure to create a non-stop fluid motion as you swing: with the KB going behind the knees then up to shoulder level.
  5. At the top of the swing, the KB should go no higher than chest level. Do not raise the KB with your arms. Your arms— as well as the KB—should remain weightless through the entire motion.

*Notice how everyone’s swing is slightly different, but the hinge remains a constant. Continue for one minute.

Push Kick – Mid-Rack Overhead Press (Inspired by Muay Thai)

  1. Stand in swing stance (a little wider than shoulder width).
  2. Hold the KB in a mid racked position – KB in front of your chest, holding it by the horns. Your elbows are bent and tucked into the body, while your wrists are straight and strong.
  3. Step back into a reverse lunge, push off the back leg bringing the same knee high then extending the leg – a push kick. Return your foot to where it started. Step back to the swing stance
  4. Overhead press the KB. If you are not ready to load the KB, then practice the motion without it first.
  5. Work on the right side then switch stance and mirror your actions on the left side. Train one minute each side.

Guards with Rotation (Inspired by Muay Thai)

  1. Mid-rack a KB and hold it tight to the body
  2. Raise your right knee up turning it out in a guard position then set it back down. Engage the core and maintain balance. Repeat with the left leg.
  3. Next round add trunk rotation. Lift right leg and rotate torso to the right, repeat left. If having trouble with rotation, just go back to focusing on controlling the hold of the guards.

Now making a Kettlebell Kickboxing Complex! We will merge all the exercises together and train three to four rounds of two minutes.

  1. Full Mobility Swing into Mid-Rack Position
  2. Reverse Lunge into Push Kick into swing stance – Over Head Press – repeat left
  3. Guard with Rotation right and left

Where to Find Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada

You can find us at and get KBIA Level 1 Certified to start your teaching journey. You can also train online with CEO Jodi Barrett by purchasing our Home Fitness Programs including our newly released ABSolute AB program.


After 13 years of being a stay at home mom, Jodi Barrett found Kettlebell Kickboxing!  That journey took her to complete her KBIA-Master Level and MKC Certifications. Jodi teaches classes and certifies trainers across Canada.

Instagram: @kettlebellkickboxingcanada

Twitter: @kb_canada