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canfitpro Member Story – Tameika Gentles

After losing 100lbs, Tameika decided it was time to get certified with canfitpro and help people, promoting a message around healthy, sustainable, and balanced living. Here’s what Tameika says about her journey:

Why did you choose canfitpro?

I chose canfitpro because they’re the leading player in fitness education and I respect the organization tremendously.

What is your “why” – why have you chosen this profession?

About 11 years ago I lost 100lbs over the span of 9 months. I had been overweight my entire life and had hit my breaking point, finally takng control of my health journey – once and for all. About 3 years after losing the weight, I saw so many things wrong with this industry. The way in which “healthy” was being portrayed was driving me crazy. Low carb, low fat, macro counting, detoxes etc etc etc… very few people were focusing on maintenance and doing it the sustainable way. I decided it was time to get certified and help people, promoting a message around healthy, sustainable, and balanced living. I’ve now been training for the past 5 years!

What gets you excited to go to work each day?

I recently left my full time job to give Training and Coaching 100% of my time. And so far I’m loving it! Owning my own business focused on my passion allows me the flexibility and freedom to do things on my own terms and live a life full of purpose.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

I love changing lives. Over the course of the past 4-5 years, I’ve helped over 400 women achieve great results, both online and in person. It’s the most fulfilling feeling to know that I’m making a difference and helping people achieve the happiness I have found.

Is there another part of your story that you would like to share?

In addition to training online and in-person, I also lead a very inspiration blog and social media platform that helps me to promote healthy and sustainable living on a bigger scale. My Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is TameikaG and my website is tameikag.com. These platforms give you a greater picture of my message and what I stand for in both my life and fitness career – please feel free to check them out 🙂