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What type of business are you? We are a software and technology company.

Tell us about your business Thermal Guard is a leader in temperature screening and entry management.

How long have you been in the industry? We have been manufacturing and technology space for more than 20 years. Thermal Guard was launched with the temperature control system as an add on to our facial recognition and entry management system. Since COVID-19, there has been an urgent need for our solutions, we are supplying schools, hotels, retirement homes, Dental/medical offices, gyms, retail and office establishments throughout the US and Canada.

What attracted you to the fitness industry? The fitness industry is a hands-on and often either sharing equipment or in direct contact with trainers or training partners. Gyms are making their best efforts to prevent any spread of any viruses and with elevated temperatures being a top indicator, the prevention and early detection starts at the point of entry.

What has been your greatest challenge as a business owner/operator and how did you overcome it? Like most of us, in the past 25 years or so we have been through a variety of shifts, but nothing in comparison to navigating through quarantine and the new normal. The world needed solutions and from developing COVID-19 questionnaire to Digital entry management, we answered the call to many of our customers and provided a state-of-the-art solution.

What do you hope your buyers achieve within your product/service? Providing peace of mind and confidence to staff and guests alike.

Tell us your greatest memory/highlight in your career. As a group we have enjoyed many great achievements from design awards to having products featured in Oprah’s favourite things/ the O’List.  But nothing lights us up as much as a 5-star review.

What is the percentage of Canadian business you currently have? We currently have 80 US-based businesses.

How do you plan to grow your Canadian business in the next 12-24 months? Adding on distributors, increased digital advertising and a steady flow of referrals.

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