PRO TRAINER Dee Miller discusses the importance of eating healthy in the winter, as well as the vitamins and nutrients you need. Plus, some great foods that you should try!

In this episode

2:00 –  Challenges with eating healthy in the winter

3:00 – The best foods to eat in the winter that you can get at any grocery store

5:00 – The importance of getting vitamin D

6:00 – Food sources of vitamin D

8:00 – Other vitamins you need to get in the winter

9:00 – A better way to purchase frozen fruits and vegetables

10:00 – How Personal Trainers can help their clients to eat healthy in the winter

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canfitpro PRO TRAINER Dee Miller is a sought-after speaker and educator regularly presenting at canfitpro conferences, as well as a being a continuing education provider for canfitpro. Dee has written two Healthy Eating Cookbooks, with her third coming out this summer. Connect with Dee through her website, FB@Dee Miller and Instagram protrainerdee.