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Yoga Philosophy: Practicing Saucha (Purity) for Spring!

Saucha or Purity, is the first of the Niyamas or personal code of ethics from Yoga Philosophy. The Niyamas introduce us to ways of practicing Yoga off our mats. In fact the poses in Yoga (Asana) are only 1/8th of the overall practice of Yoga according to the eight Limbs of Yoga in The Sutras of Patanjali, of the oldest known books on Yoga Philosophy.

Practicing Saucha in spring is a natural for most of us with the desire for spring-cleaning, de-cluttering our homes and cleaning up our yards after winter to make space for spring flowers. This is exactly how Saucha works from a mindful and spiritual practice as well. Clearing space, cleaning or purifying our environment to release the past, to let go of negativity and more importantly to create space for growth. Thinking about how good we feel after tackling our overflowing closets, let’s apply that to all areas of our life.

So we can clean our physical space, but also let’s notice how often we fill our heads with negative self-talk, pushing judgment on ourselves, and others. What does that really accomplish? Negativity fuels more negativity, in thought and speech, however positivity fuels positivity. Practicing Saucha, focusing on the positive and letting go of judgment helps us de-clutter our minds bringing clarity and renewed energy and therefore space for our own version of spring flowers, new growth and optimism.

Happy Spring!

Lisa Greenbaum E-RYT 500

Director, YogaFit Canada


Lisa Greenbaum E-RYT 500Director